BARCC Leadership

President & Commercial Development Liaison
Mell Monroe

Records Chair & Condominium Liaison Director
Angela Higginbotham-Monroe

Advisor, Marketing Liaison
Jim Oliver

Marketing & Brand Development Liaison
James Coxworth

Culinary Arts & Events Liaison
Chef Cliff Rome

Meet the BARCC Board Members

James Coxworth
Marketing & Brand Development Liaison
Jim is a serial entrepreneur. After two years of working as a Manufacture Representative, Jim founded a Solar Power company and ran it until 1983 when the market was unready for change. He then started another company in the mail order and internet business of swimming pool products until 1999 when he sold it to a Private Equity firm.

Jim founded Blue Wave Products from 2001 until 2013 until he sold the company for several million dollars to a Private Equity Firm. Jim grew the business from start to finish involving swimming pool kits, supplies and accessories, along with expanding products consisting of household gaming products that are marketed through internet distribution channels. His firm catered to specialty internet retailers as well as big box retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco and numerous others.

Jim is presently CEO of Cratos LLC and a consultant to Blue Wave He is married with 4 kids. Jim is the founder of a not for profit track and field organization with emphasis on the javelin or hammer throw targeted for disadvantage kids. Jim has a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Illinois, 1976.

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