BARCC Leadership

President & Commercial Development Liaison
Mell Monroe

Records Chair & Condominium Liaison Director
Angela Higginbotham-Monroe

Advisor, Marketing Liaison
Jim Oliver

Marketing & Brand Development Liaison
James Coxworth

Culinary Arts & Events Liaison
Chef Cliff Rome

Bronzeville Political Representatives
3rd Ward Alderman Pat Dowell
Pat Dowell, Alderman of the 3rd Ward, was a significant catalyst for the rebirth of the historic Bronzeville community that occurred in the 1990’s. She has an extensive background in urban planning and community development and was one of the primary architects of the Bronzeville Development Plan - which won a Burnham Award for excellence in planning.

Contact Your Alderman

Office: 5046 S. State St.
Chicago, IL 60609

Phone: 773-373-9273

Monthly Newsletters

Ald. Pat Dowell June Newsletter

January 2010 Newsletter

2009 Fall/Winter Newsletter

4th Ward Alderman Toni Preckwinkle
Toni Preckwinkle has been a community leader for over two decades. For 10 years she served as a high school history teacher and is currently Alderman of the 4th Ward. Toni is married and the mother of two children.

Now in her fourth term as 4th Ward Alderman, she is striving to develop her ward. Her accomplishments include ensuring the redevelopment of neighborhoods, especially the creation of mixed income and affordable housing. She has secured funds for ward public schools and new commercial centers.

Contact Your Alderman

Office: 4659 S. Cottage Grove Avenue
Suite 203
Chicago, IL 60653

Phone: 773-373-9273

1st District U.S. Congressman Bobby Rush

Washington Office:

2416 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
phone: 202-225-4372
fax: 202-226-0333

Chicago District Office: 700-706 E. 79th. St.
Chicago, IL 60619
phone: 773-224-6500
fax: 773-224-9624

South Suburban District Office: 3235 W. 147th St.
Midlothian, IL. 60445
phone: 708-385-9550
fax: 708-385-3860
History of the 1st District

When you think of the 1st Congressional District of Illinois, a few things should come to mind; a historic, culturally diverse, lively, unique, and cultural hub of American life. The shape of the district has changed over the past years; however the core of the district begins at the tip of Bronzeville, once a destination point for millions of migrating Black families from the south. It is in this community where popular American music was nurtured, from Blues to Jazz, to Rock and Roll, all have come of age in this neighborhood. The 1st Congressional district stretches out across many other historic neighborhoods in the City of Chicago including, Auburn-Gresham, Chatham, Englewood, Hyde Park/Kenwood, Morgan Park, West Englewood and Woodlawn and also includes part or all of several south suburban areas: Alsip, Blue Island, Crestwood, Dixmoor, Evergreen Park, Markham, Midlothian, Oak Forest, Orland Hills, Palos Heights, Posen, Robbins, Tinley Park and Worth.

Many historical, cultural and educational institutions in the south Chicagoland area are in the 1st Congressional district including; University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Illinois College of Optometry, The DuSable Museum just to name a few. The district also hosts Provident Hospital, where Dr. Daniel Hale conducted the first successful open-heart surgery and the world renowned University of Chicago Hospitals.

The residents, business owners and consumers of the 1st Congressional District bring creativity, and pride to the Chicagoland area. Their commitment to ensuring the safety and preservation of their communities is seen as you pass through the areas of the 1st district. When you are visiting the Chicagoland area please stop and enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the 1st Congressional District.

2nd Ward Ald. Robert Fioretti

Contact Your Alderman

Office: 429 S. Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60605

City Hall: 121 N. LaSalle
Room 300, Office 02
Chicago, IL 60602  

20th Ward Ald. Willie Cochran

Contact Your Alderman

Office: 6357 S. Cottage Grove
Chicago, IL 60637

City Hall: 121 North LaSalle Street
Room 300
Chicago, IL 60602  

Senator Kwame Raoul (D)
13th District

Years served: 2004 - Present

Springfield Office:

Senator 13th District
111 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL   62706 


District Office:

5210 S. Harper
Suite D
Chicago, IL  60615 


Senator Mattie Hunter (D)
3rd District

Years served: 2003 - Present

Springfield Office:

Senator 3rd District
615 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL   62706 

(217) 782-5966

District Office:

2929 S. Wabash Avenue
Suite 102
Chicago, IL  60616

(312) 949-1908
(312) 949-1958 FAX

Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie (D)
25th District Majority Leader

Years served: 1979 - Present

Springfield Office:

1303 E. 53rd Street
Chicago, IL  60615 

(773) 667-0550
(773) 667-3010 FAX

District Office:

1303 E. 53rd Street
Chicago, IL  60615

(773) 667-0550
(773) 667-3010 FAX

Rep. Kenneth Dunkin (D)
5th District

Years served: 2002 - Present

Springfield Office:

278-S Stratton Office Bldg.
Springfield, IL   62706

(217) 782-4535
(217) 782-4213 FAX

District Office:

1520 N. Wells
Chicago, IL  60610 

(312) 266-0340
(312) 266-0699 FAX

Rep. Esther Golar (D)
6th District

Years served: 1979 - Present

Springfield Office:

250 Stratton Office Bldg
Springfield, IL  62706

(217) 782-5971
(217) 558-6370 FAX

District Office:

4926 South Ashland
Chicago, IL  60609 

(773) 925-6580
(773) 925-6584 FAX

Rep. William D. Burns (D)
26th District

Years served: 2009 - Present

Springfield Office:

284-S Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL   62706 

(217) 782-2023

District Office:

435 E. 35th Street
Chicago, IL  60653

(773) 924-2600
(773) 924-2690 FAX

ILLINOIS STATE 96th General Assembly - Leadership - January 2009





John J. Cullerton

327 State House

Majority Leader

James F. Clayborne, Jr.

329 State House

Assistant Majority Leader

James A. DeLeo

323 State House

Assistant Majority Leader

Rickey R. Hendon

627 State House

Assistant Majority Leader

Don Harmon

329 State House

Assistant Majority Leader

Kimberly A. Lightford

323 State House

Assistant Majority Leader

Jeffrey M. Schoenberg

218A State House

Majority Caucus Chair

Antonio Munoz

123 State House

Majority Appropriations Chair

Donne E. Trotter

629 State House

Majority Appropriations Chair

John M. Sullivan

417 State House

Majority Caucus Whip

Susan Garrett

129 State House

Majority Caucus Whip

Ira I. Silverstein

121B State House

Majority Caucus Whip

Louis S. Viverito

121A State House

Majority Caucus Whip

Terry Link

321 State House




Republican Leader

Christine Radogno

309A State House

Deputy Republican Leader

Dale A. Righter

309D State House

Assistant Republican Leader

J. Bradley Burzynski

309F State House

Assistant Republican Leader

John O. Jones

309H State House

Assistant Republican Leader

David Luechtefeld

103B State House

Assistant Republican Leader

Dan Rutherford

105B State House

Republican Caucus Chair

Dave Syverson

M103D State House

Republican Caucus Whip

Carole Pankau

105K State House

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