BARCC Leadership

President & Commercial Development Liaison
Mell Monroe

Records Chair & Condominium Liaison Director
Angela Higginbotham-Monroe

Advisor, Marketing Liaison
Jim Oliver

Marketing & Brand Development Liaison
James Coxworth

Culinary Arts & Events Liaison
Chef Cliff Rome

BARCC's Notable Accomplishments for Bronzeville

Established 30 Neighborhood Communication Forums
BARCC held monthly meetings the last Tuesday of each month where residents learned about real estate developments and met public representatives of the Department of Planning and Development, Alderman, Police and Streets and Sanitation.

Established Voice and Outreach to Engage 2,000 Shareholders
BARCC has attracted mostly homeowners and a database using 3 progressive communication systems to engage participation–e-mail notices, quarterly mailings and automatic calling systems.

Conducted 8 Condominium Education Workshops
BARCC trained over 200 condo owners on becoming more proactive to better manage their real estate investments.

Created 12 Historic Bronzeville Tours
BARCC promoted the history of the homes and landmarks while articulating the area’s legacy and reached 1,000 tourists and engaged over 300 volunteers.

Orchestrated 4 Letter Writing Campaigns
BARCC spearheaded 500 correspondences to the Alderman, Streets and Sanitation and Chicago Police Department; affected better service performance and earned the attention of public officials.

Targeted 3 Hot Spot Buildings and Organized Calling Tree System
BARCC gathered residents to deal with excessive drug-trafficking and violence leading to 2 building closures and numerous police arrests over the past 2 yrs.

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