BARCC Leadership

President & Commercial Development Liaison
Mell Monroe

Records Chair & Condominium Liaison Director
Angela Higginbotham-Monroe

Advisor, Marketing Liaison
Jim Oliver

Marketing & Brand Development Liaison
James Coxworth

Culinary Arts & Events Liaison
Chef Cliff Rome

About the Bronzeville Area Residents' & Commerce Council (BARCC)

The Bronzeville Area Residents' & Commerce Council (BARCC) is a non-profit organization serving the homeowners, condominium owners, renters and commerce enterprises of Chicago's historic Bronzeville neighborhood. We work to create and maintain a safe, clean, enjoyable neighborhood for families to live and businesses to thrive.

BARCC was founded by Mell Monroe in March 2004. As the first president of BARCC, Mell's vision was to create an organization that included all of the residents and businesses in the community who would work together to form an inclusive neighborhood. Mell continues the vision and feels that this community should be a place where people can build strong relationships, access information, work on shared concerns and create an environment in which a neighborhood becomes a community.
The BARCC organization began with a small group of concerned neighbors coming together to share ideas.  Residents wanted a voice and to relate their synergies. Mell's wife, Angela Higginbotham-Monroe, along with numerous committed participants should also be duly noted.  BARCC’s co-founders include Marie Smith, Keith McCoy, Jonese Burnett and past VP, Leana Flowers. BARCC is particularly grateful for generous start-up donations by Monica Thomas of the Illinois Service Federal Bank and 5th District Illinois State Representative Ken Dunkin.   The collective effort of all involved is what helped us to shape the BARCC theme:

...."Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead-
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